A delicious tool

Another Web 2.0 tool that has changed my online habits is del.icio.us. In the words of Wikipedia:

The website del.icio.us (pronounced as “delicious”) is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. The site came online in late 2003 and…it is now part of Yahoo!.

A non-hierarchical keyword categorization system is used on del.icio.us where users can tag each of their bookmarks with a number of freely chosen keywords (cf. folksonomy). A combined view of everyone’s bookmarks with a given tag is available.

The biggest advantage for me is that it is available and visible on any internet-connected computer, so I don’t have to worry about synchronizing bookmarks. However, the tagging and social bookmarking features give del.icio.us exceptional utility.

For example, I have included a del.icio.us widget on this page that displays my newest links.

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