I am a resident of York, Maine, where I grew up (more or less) and where my wonderful wife and I raised our two children (currently in their twenties thirties). Now we enjoy spoiling our two three beautiful granddaughters.zion-240x160

I am an unrepentant jack of all many trades and master of exactly none.

My day job is coordinator of information systems for the Center for Career Development, which is part of the Maine Community College System. Some of my previous jobs have been teacher, coach, electrician, trainer, and apprentice program administrator.

In my spare time, I teach teach an occasional class at York County Community College (such as Ethics and Contemporary Society). In 2013, I retired (after 33 years) from officiating high school basketball. Real retirement is a shimmering mirage in the distance.

My hobbies include photography, hiking, bicycling, kayaking, gardening, beekeeping, chicken wrangling, and hanging at the beach.

Current quote on the wall:

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.
– Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Did you ever work at SMCC in South Portland, Maine? About four years ago I was cleaning carpets there at my old job and I saw scrawled on a board “move, lest ye rust”. The quote has stuck with me ever since. I just googled it and your name pops up… I am now a student at that school, and still when I’m feeling lethargic, that pops into my head…

  2. wayne31r says:

    Yeah, that’s me, and that’s my office. Glad it can help motivate you as well.

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