White iris after the rain

Photography is just what I do for fun. Below are a couple of ways to access some of my pictures.

Flickr is where I post most of my images. Another site, Flickriver, provides an attractive way to view an “endless” scroll of Flickr photos with the most recently unloaded at the top. Clicking on any image on the Flickriver site will send you to the original Flickr site.

Flickr has a category it calls “most interesting.” That apparently has something to do with the number of hits and comments a given image gets from the Flickr community. Whatever…
wayne31r - View some of my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Flickr also allows you to “tag” a photo with any descriptor that you choose. For example, here is a random selection of pictures tagged “mill pond” that I’ve taken around Barrell’s Mill Pond.

wayne31r - View my 'millpond' photos on Flickriver

You can even view a specific image with a black background.

In the right column, you can see my five most recent Flickr photos.

And still another way to view my shots is at, where you can see thumbnail images of 250 pics at a time.

2 Responses to Photos

  1. Laura Dupuis Myers says:

    Great pictures Wayne. I see you’re from York area. I went to school with Heidi. You definitely have a good eye with the camera lens. How long did it take before you got the great sunset on Long Sands? What kind of camera did you use? Lens? Filter?
    I’m so glad I found your site. It was actually by accident too! My sister was trying to get me to add John Stewart as a Friend on Facebook. He was our Captain in St. John.
    Strange when I your comment and then I went deeper and saw Corey Giles and Stuart Pennington…small world indeed.

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